end of tenancy carpet cleaning

Some landlords think - “all carpet cleaners are  the same”.

But their wrong; some are untrained, uninsured, have a go cleaners working with poor cleaning products, old machinery & very little knowledge. They are playing with tenants deposits & landlord’s carpets. Carpet cleaning is an art when carried out correctly and a potential costly disaster when not.

Now find out why tenants should choose us to safeguard their deposit.

We are only too aware of the complexity and demands on tenants /landlords at the start and end of a tenancy, especially when rental properties are expected to have all the carpets professionally cleaned and sanitised** before re-letting. So finding a professional and reliable carpet cleaner from the many advertising for business should not be yet another problem.

Ask them; are they trained by a nationally recognised carpet cleaning trade body*,  are they fully insured including 'treatment risks' and do they specialise in this area of work. General cleaning companies rarely have the equipment or experience needed to achieve the results you want.

We know how important it is to tenants that all your key money is returned, as no-one likes last minute surprises!

At CarpetClean we take the worry out of cleaning, we only clean to the highest standards whilst still remaining affordable and very cost effective.

We provide a detailed printed invoice stating which rooms have been cleaned and treated with a duplicate if requested for letting agent or landlord.

This is why so many tenants, lettings agents and landlords are delighted with our company and work.

IMPORTANT: If you know of a potential issue with the carpet such as pet odour or urine contamination tell us about it when you book the clean. We can then ensure we bring the correct products to effectively complete the work.

And don't forget:

We are professionally qualified; we’ll get the carpets clean and in most cases, stain free!

*Either NCCA National Carpet Cleaners Association or TACCA The Approved Carpet Cleaners Association.

**All end of tenancy carpets are treated with an active biocidal rinse to kill bacteria, allergens and viruses but we may need to add other products to remove unwanted smells.

We do have more than 1 way of cleaning carpets, we don't rely on a 1 system for all.

The carpets are NEVER over wet, NEVER shrink or EVER smell.

A whole 3 bedroom house cannot be cleaned in less than 2 hours, thorough cleaning takes time and effort!

We don't cut corners; you will get a first class service from pre-vacuuming to post clean hand finishing.

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