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At CarpetClean we only offer carpet, upholstery and hard floor cleaning. We specialise in this area of work so our customers can be assured their soft furnishings and flooring coverings are in the safe hands of true professionals.

We recommend the Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning) method for cleaning carpets. This is the best way to ensure your carpets are deep down clean, bacteria/germ free, colours are brightened and pile depth is improved. Most carpet manufactures and both trade bodies recommend this system. Rest assured your carpet won't be flooded by gallons of water, won't be wet for days and will not shrink or smell damp. See what people think in our Customer Feedback section.

Our Intensive 8 Stage Cleaning Process.

Great carpet cleaning is a combination of top quality equipment and cleaning solutions, used in an intelligent manner by a professionally trained technician. You have our promise to provide you exactly that and nothing less; just fast drying, fresh, fluffy and beautifully clean carpets at a very affordable price. We will clean your carpets thoroughly but safely, ensuring that there are no sticky residues or odours and because we only use detergent free cleaning solutions your carpets WILL stay cleaner for much longer.

To ensure your carpets are 100% clean the following cleaning stages are completed:

  1. Perform a carpet fit check to ensure it is well fitted to the grippers rods and that there are no damaged seams or worn areas. We will also try to identify any permanent damage due to heat, staining or rubbing. Anything found will be brought to the clients attention. Then a thorough vacuum with industrial brush & beater high powered twin motored vacuum cleaner; main body of carpet, edges, around radiator pipes, etc.  Single person lift furniture will be moved by the technician as required to ensure as much of the carpet is cleaned as possible, customers please move small furniture items and breakables such as china, glassware, ornaments, etc.
  2. Initial treatment of spots and stains; treatment of non water soluble stains and marks e.g. bitumen, tar, glue, makeup, nail varnish, etc*.
  3. Application of cleaning solution using pressurised spray; our cleaning solution safely splits soils from carpet fibre.
  4. Mechanical brush agitation of solution to carpet; further releasing soils, grit and water soluble marks and stains.
  5. Extraction of soils and contaminants; using Ashbys 'Enforcer' high pressure hot water extraction machine (steam cleaning).
  6. Final hand treatment of remaining spots and stains; draft marks, traffic marks and water based dye stains**.
  7. Pile re-set by hand using grooming brush; to assist faster drying and ensure consistant pile direction.
  8. Assisted forced air drying as required; dependent upon carpet type and room suitability.

Before we start the technician will conduct some simple tests to identify the fibre type and carpet construction. From these tests the best cleaning solution will be chosen to give the most effective outcome. The customer will be given an approximate time for completion of the work together with an estimated drying time: usually about 2 hours or less.

More reasons to have your carpet cleaned buy CarpetClean.

Our carpet cleaning service uses only Eco Friendly 'naturally' derived, environmentally safe, family and pet safe, non-toxic solution which penetrates deep into the pile, lifting dirt particles and allergens to the surface for trouble-free extraction; leaving you with hygienic, clean and fast drying carpets. 

Just as the clothes we wear need regular washing to keep them fresh and hygienic, our carpets also require periodic cleaning.

Accumulated soil and grit are the major cause of reduced carpet life. The build up of contaminants also enables destructive and health harmful mites and bacteria to work unchecked. Our cleaning system takes care not only to clean the carpet but also remove these harmful visitors.

Regular cleaning can extend the life of your carpet and ensure a healthy environment for your family.

What benefits come from professional carpet cleaning?

  • A more hygienic environment
  • Removal of general dust, soil and accumulated debris
  • Improved appearance, for even the oldest carpets
  • Elimination of mites and bacteria, reducing the risk of allergies, mould and many other potential problems
  • Deodorisation service for urine, vomit, damp, milk, food residue, smoke, animal odours (kills a wide range of germs, gram positive and gram negative).***

For a very small percentage of floor coverings this cleaning process is incompatible, should this be the case the technician will substitute a suitable cleaning regime.

We will move items such as sofas, small drawers, dining tables and any other unbreakable objects. We do not move televisions, stereo units, pianos, large side boards, large wardrobes, large book cases etc unless by prior arrangement where extra technicians can attend, at additional cost.

* Carpet cleaning charge includes standard stain removal service. Advanced stain removal for chewing gum, wax, paint (both gloss and emulsion) and fugitive dies e.g fake tan, mustard, and turmeric is chargeable as an extra dependent on number and size of problem areas. We recommend our free onsite inspection and quote for these types of stains.

** Complete elimination of traffic lane and other spots or stains cannot be guaranteed as some may be permanent due to fibre damage caused by heavy usage or incorrect past cleaning attempts. We usually get them all out but a tiny number are just not possible.

*** Treatment with active bactericidal rinse (effective on vomit, damp, milk, food residue, smoke, animal odours) or urine block available to neutralise smells and deter further occurrence, available at small extra cost.

**** While we take every care when moving furniture this is done at the owners risk, if you have any valuable items please move them in advance. We are happy to discuss movement of furniture with customers before work commences.

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